MetaAirdrop, specifically designed for Metatime's digital asset Metatime Coin, brings participants together with the largest Airdrop reward in history, the 200 million MTC reward pool. Register now and win!

Fulfill the Necessary Conditions and
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in the MetaLeaderboard Ranking

How Do I Join?


Collect MetaPoints by completing tasks with MetaAirdrop and earn MTC every month


Unlike Ordinary Airdrops,
Earn Rewards with MetaAirtime

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Reward Pool (Monthly)

3 million

Countdown is on!

Airdrop and Presale

00d 00h 00m 00s

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At a lower price in presale for 5,000,000 MTC for 1 BNB

Enter BNB

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Refer & Earn BNB

Instantly in wallet through automated smart contract

Enter BEP20 Address


Signing up for MetaAirdrop is very easy. All you need to do is go to and create a new account. You can open an account with your email address, phone number or MetaMask and Trust Wallet cryptocurrency wallets and start collecting your rewards.

The Meta Multi Level Marketing (MetaMLM) system is a referral system that applies to all products in the Metatime ecosystem. This system enables users to participate in the ecosystem's revenue sharing.